Ehud Gal
President & CTO 


Ehud has been engaged in the R&D of complex systems and technologies for 35 years. during which he led activities in the area of  Computer Vision and Expert Support Systems. These resulted in the deployment of systems, which are now running successfully in the Israeli Defense Force, Prior to founding General Robotics, Ehud founded ODF Optronics, which sold thousands of products to SWAT teams and Special Forces around the world. Mr. Gal retired from the IDF in the rank of a Colonel. His last position in the IDF was the Scientific Deputy to the Head of DDR&D (Defense Directorate for R&D).  Mr. Gal  holds a B.Sc. from Technion in Industrial Management and an M.A. from the National Security College. Mr. Gal filed for 36 patent applications.

Shahar Gal (Adv.)

Shahar Gal (Adv.) (Lieutenant Commander. Navy Res.) is the VP Business Development and Co-Founder of General Robotics Ltd. Shahar's responsibilities include business development, Intellectual Property, investments, and strategic partnerships. Shahar has built the company's patent strategy and portfolio, lead two investment rounds, and established collaboration with IAI, Israel's largest aerospace & defense contractor. Prior to co-founding General Robotics, Shahar was an executive at ODF Optronics, were he built the company's Intellectual Property portfolio. Shahar graduated with a Law and Business Degree with honors from the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC). Shahar was admitted as an advocate under the Israeli Bar, and has completed his internship at the Hi-Tech division of the law firm Amit Pollak Matalon & Co. under senior partner Daniel Marcus, Adv., Shahar served as a Naval Officer graduating in the rank of Major. During his service, Shahar was an XO of an Israeli Navy missile ship and commanded the Ship's Combat Information Center. Shahar served as an instructor of the senior course of the Naval Academy and was selected to represent the Israeli Navy on a delegation to US.

Inon Yagolnitzer
V.P. System Engineering


Inon is a senior electronic engineer with 16 years of experience in electronics system design. His expertise are in real-time image processing hardware development and cost reduction for production.  Inon holds M.S.C from the Israel Institute of Technology (Technion) in Haifa, Israel. 

Daniel Keinan

Daniel has 30 years of experience in corporate operations. Daniel managed and delivered thousands of military systems to customers throughout the world. Daniel served as a Lieutenant-Colonel (Ret.) Regiment Commander.

Matan Chackmon
Head of Mechanical Dept. 


Matan is a mechanical engineer specialising in R&D of robotic systems. Prior to joining General Robotics, Matan was an executive in an intellectual property (IP) law firm, where he oversaw the practice's research and analysis of patent validation. Matan served in a field intelligence unit in the IDF, where he operated advanced reconnaissance systems. Matan holds a BSC in Mechanical Engineering from the Ben Gurion University with a specialising in Bio Mechanical systems.  

Keren Sagi  
Head of Software Dept. 


Keren is a computer programmer with over than 8 years of experience including in the fields of real time embedded micro-processors and Graphic User Interfaces. Keren is well versed in a numerous programming languages and platforms. She has significant experience in developing Voice over IP (VOIP) platforms, including the development of network monitoring and data roaming tools. Keren holds a degree in Practical Engineering (PE) from Hadassah College in Jerusalem. 

Idan Chalfon
Project Manager


Idan is a mechanical engineer specialising in robotics platforms and systems with over 4 years of experience in the R&D field. Idan served as a geospatial analyst for the Israeli Air Force. He holds a B.Sc degree in Mechanical Engineering from Ben Gurion University with a specialisation in Bio Mechanical Systems.

Shachar Ganah
Project Manager



Shachar is a mechanical engineer specializing in robotics platforms and systems with over 4 years of experience in the R&D field. Shachar served in a field intelligence unit in the IDF, where he operated advanced reconnaissance systems. He holds a B.Sc degree from Ben Gurion University and a diploma from Israel Institute of Technology (Technion), Haifa, in aerodynamics engineering. 

Karin Kaufman
Graphic Designer


Karin is an industrial designer with 4 years of experience in product & graphic design.

Karin holds a BA degree in Industrial Design from Shenkar College of Engineering and Design.

Tom Gonen
Product Designer


Tom is an industrial designer with 4 years of experience in product design.  Tom holds a BA degree in Industrial Design from Holon Institute of Technology where he now teaches Solid Works curses and advise on Final Projects for current students.

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