Electrical Technician

Key Responsibilities

  • li_ico Both lab and field work.
  • li_ico Running system tests, monitoring problems, their causes and fixing them.
  • li_ico Taking engineering reading material and processing it for required writing procedures and tests procedures

Desired Skills

  • li_ico Electrical Engineer/ Technician - Must!
  • li_ico Team worker - Must!
  • li_ico At least two years of experience in reading electrical and mechanical drawings, wiring and system drawings.
  • li_ico Working experience in a development or manufacturing laboratory environment, environmental testing, standard and dedicated testing equipment.
  • li_ico Experience in working with military systems and with military standards.
  • li_ico At least two years of experience in maintenance and troubleshooting at grades A-D
  • li_ico Knowledge and experience in the fields of RF/ HW/ SW
  • li_ico Fluent English, (other languages – advantage)

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