Operations Support Assistant

Key Responsibilities

  • li_ico Provides administrative support in a variety of functions to an individual, team, or department within the organization
  • li_ico Provides courteous and professional communication with all staff and customers.
  • li_ico Maintains organized documentation and record keeping, including, filing, scanning, etc.
  • li_ico Manages and maintains all office inventory, including, but not limited to office supplies, tools, furniture, and equipment.
  • li_ico Responsible for the new vendor process and management of Research & Development suppliers.
  • li_ico Schedules meetings as necessary for upcoming/recurring meetings and other gatherings for all departments within the organization.
  • li_ico Addresses administrative tasks and resolves issues based on priority.
  • li_ico Familiar with logistics, able to complete shipping and handling tasks as needed.
  • li_ico Assists with event management and collaboration amongst suppliers and onsite visitors.
  • li_ico Engages in and actively volunteers for Continuous Improvement projects/tasks.
  • li_ico Participates in and sustains 5S Standards.
  • li_ico Must follow all required ISO procedures, comply with all work exposure EH&S training requirements, and adhere to SIG SAUER, Inc. security mandates.
  • li_ico Must be able to travel infrequently.
  • li_ico Miscellaneous duties as assigned.

Desired Skills

  • li_ico Associate degree in Business/related field, or equivalent working experience required.
  • li_ico Bachelor’s degree preferred.
  • li_ico 2+ years’ experience in department operations or another administrative support role.
  • li_ico Strong ability to multitask and prioritize workflow.
  • li_ico Ability to work independently and in a team environment.
  • li_ico Excellent spoken and written English skills with clear articulation and persuasive communication abilities is required.
  • li_ico Strong organization, analytical skills, and attention to detail.
  • li_ico Excellent customer service skills/orientation.
  • li_ico Experience using and maintaining firearms is preferred.
  • li_ico Equivalent combination of education and experience may be considered.

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