General Robotics is dedicated to assisting special forces in decisively winning the battle against terrorism with minimum casualties and helping in making the world a safer place.

The company was set up in 2009 by Ehud Gal, the former scientific deputy to the Israeli head of the defense ministry’s R&D authority. General robotics is today a leading supplier of advanced robotics systems to counter-terrorist units worldwide.


Assisting special forces in decisively defeating terrorists with minimum casualties.


Terrorists strike at everyone, everywhere. Latter-day terrorists are well trained at exploiting civilian populations using them both as targets and as human shields. Conventional warfare systems are mainly designed for the open-battlefield and are not necessarily adaptable for urban warfare.

General Robotics develops, manufactures and delivers advanced robotics systems designed to engage terrorists in urban environments. They are built to be directed into the line of fire in place of personnel thus saving lives and minimizing civilian collateral damage.

Standard 1 year warranty

Our systems are designed, engineered and manufactured with the highest levels of quality as required for life-dependent systems.

Anti – Terror Warranty™

If your systems was damaged by a terrorist, GR will replace it to keep

you operational.

General Robotics LTD.


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