Committed to Providing Innovative Systems, Training, Maintenance, Support & Unique Operational Warranties to Our Customers Around the Globe
GENERAL ROBOTICS Ltd. develops and manufactures advanced robotic systems for the Defense and Homeland Security markets. Our robotic systems are designed to meet current and future operational needs of Special Ops, Armies, Navies, SWAT and Law Enforcement agencies.
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Our systems enable our customers to save lives by sending robotic systems into Fatal Funnels instead of personnel. Each of our robotic systems is equipped with proprietary technology providing real-time Situational Awareness 360° and enhanced lethality by our Point & Shoot™ technology.

To ensure long term success we provide all of our systems with, training, support, maintenance and unique operational Warranties. GENERAL ROBOTICS is a certified supplier to the Israeli Defense Ministry and to many other military forces and Special Ops units in various countries around the globe.

Advanced Ultra-Light RCWS for Manned and Unmanned Platforms

Our family of advanced RCWS systems are so light they can be easily installed on almost any manned or unmanned platform at land or at sea without influencing operational capabilities. Human operators can operate the system from both within a protected vehicle or from a remote location for maximum protection and operational continuity. Our systems provide enhanced situational awareness and lethality by means of our unique Point & Shoot™ technology, enabling the operator to take highly informed decisions while minimizing collateral damage.

Anti -Terror & Crime Robots

DOGO is the world’s only robot system specifically designed for elite anti-terror units and it has been deemed operational by militaries, law enforcement agencies and Special Ops units worldwide. The DOGO provides situational awareness, negotiation capabilities and lethal and non-lethal engagement tools in one compact system. Together with the CHAMELEON, a throwable and climbing robot, forces are able to achieve full situational awareness and lethality. Both the DOGO and the CHAMELEON include designated operational training and Anti-Terror & Crime Warranty.

Customer Success

Our customers are our best partners! We always provide our customers with training, maintenance, support and our unique operational warranties.

Operational Training - all our trainers boast experience from extensive service in elite operational units. In addition to standard training and safety protocols, we teach how to use our systems through theoretical and live-fire training and operational scenarios derived from the analysis of the most prominent threats to the customer.

Maintenance and Support - the success of a project is also determined by long-term logistic and operational maintenance and support. Maintenance and support are integral components of our company’s services. We ensure that our customers receive the maintenance and support they require by giving them direct online access to our customer-success professionals. Our professionals successfully solve most customer requests through our online assistance, and we are proud of the maintenance and support we successfully provide around the globe.


Anti-Terror & Crime Warranty

We insist that our anti-terror and crime systems provide maximum lifesaving potential! Our systems are being used by professionals who risk their lives for our community’s safety. If a perpetrator is focused on our systems, we see it as an operational advantage and an opportunity to engage the perpetrator. Every shot taken at our systems is one less shot to be taken at operatives. In addition, after shots have been fired at our systems, situational awareness has increased together with the chances of success. This is why we have invented the Anti-Terror & Crime Warranty, meaning that if the system is damaged by a perpetrator during operation, General Robotics will repair or replace the damaged system free of charge!


Serial Production & Operational Systems

Our systems contain thousands of parts, including different kinds of metals, composite materials, reinforced polymers, printed circuit boards, firmware and hardware. We make sure all the components used are of the highest of quality. Every system is assembled by professional technicians and undergo quality assurance and live shooting tests prior to being shipped to our customers. Our DOGO and PITBULL RCWS systems are in operational use by elite units across the globe.


Shots on Target Guaranteed

The main purpose of our family of RCWS systems is to provide situational awareness and lethality while keeping operators safe. Increased lethality means fast response and high accuracy, ensuring minimal collateral damage. This is why our RCWS systems come with a “Shots on Target Guarantee”, meaning that the operator can be sure that what he shots is what he hits!

What Drives Our Technologies:

GENERAL ROBOTICS was established by Mr. Ehud Gal, who has vast experience developing advanced technologies for the Ministry of Defense. Following an injury to Mr. Gals’ son-in-law, while serving in the Special Forces, Mr. Gal decided to embark on a private journey focusing on technologies to save lives of special forces – and General Robotics was born. Since then, General Robotics has continuously developed systems to be sent into the most dangerous areas before humans are required to do so. Today, these systems are in operational use by special forces around the globe, including in the elite unit where Mr. Gal’s son-in-law had served.

Our technological expertise focuses in the following areas:

icon Ultra-light Systems

Ultra-light Systems – the lighter the better. For systems to be relevant, they have to be easily introduced into current battlefield processes. Robotic systems need to be easily controlled and as light as possible, as to not decrease the performance of the vehicles in which they are installed. At General Robotics, we design our systems from the start to be as light weight as possible, trying to be at least 50% lighter than comparable systems. We achieve this goal through advanced engineering and composite materials to ensure ultra-light weight and reliable performance.

icon Situational Awareness

Situational Awareness – being able to overcome uncertainty and understand the battlefield, especially in urban warfare. Having the advantage of situational awareness is key to informed decision making and achieving objectives without causing collateral damage. This is why each of our systems can provide real-time video of the operational arena (wide angle and zoom capabilities), while being equipped with additional sensors to produce a credible battlefield picture that is intuitive to remote operators, operational teams team and command centers.

icon Lethality

Lethality – while most people think that lethality means high-caliber rapid gunfire, the truth is quite the opposite. After situational awareness has been established, lethality enables us to swiftly and accurately engage and respond. Our proprietary Point & Shoot™ technology provides speed and precision that makes high-caliber rapid gunfire unnecessary, reduces collateral damage and saves lives!

GENERAL ROBOTICS 2021 Civil Calendar

GEBERAL ROBOTIC's 2021 calendars incorporate stunning imagery of our systems, download our calendars and enjoy!

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Clearing rooms? Dangerous buildings? Intel on a potential threat? Stay tuned to how we do it!
Robots and soldiers fighting side by side.
More DOGO systems are on their way to be the first line of offence and protect fighting forces worldwide!