GENERAL ROBOTICS combines advanced mechanical and electronics designs.

Our robots are made of composite materials and are therefore ruggedized, light weight and provide superior performances.

Each of our products is equipped with a proprietary electronic suite which includes embedded processors and FPGAs.

Our electronic suite provides real-time high definition video and audio compression, broadcasting and control over multiple motors, sensors, and detectors simultaneously. 


Our operator control unit, the RANGER™ RCU, provides an unprecedented driving and controlling experience "As if You Are There™". One Ranger controls all of our robots - "One Control to Rule Them All™".


These proprietary mechanics, electronics and software combined give the operator reliable and unprecedented tools to prevail in adverse environments.


Ultra Light Hand-Held Anti-Terror Robot


Ultra Light Remote Weapon Station (ULRWS) 

For Manned and Unmanned Platforms 

General Robotics LTD.


General Robotics Ltd. Reserves the right to change the specification described in this literature without notice. 
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