Senior Mechanichal Engineer

Key Responsibilities

  • li_ico Actively lead the development of innovative firearm and/or accessory programs, ensuring that product requirements and cost targets are met.
  • li_ico Responsible for product TDP and ensuring functional dimensioning schemes, appropriate GD&T, appropriate QAP identification, and ASME Y14.5 compliance.
  • li_ico Responsible for tolerance stack analyses that ensure design functionality.
  • li_ico Proactively and independently complete highly complex, accurate analyses using three or more of the following tools: FEA, Motion, CFD, heat transfer or other software.
  • li_ico Review analyses completed by other engineers for accuracy and provide guidance for identified concerns.
  • li_ico Process all levels of change orders through the PLM system.
  • li_ico Responsible for the accuracy of assemblies and BOMs.
  • li_ico Responsible for ensuring test plans to evaluate new or modified products are logical and thorough. Coordinate Test Technician activity, assisting as necessary.
  • li_ico Review test data and ensure hypotheses, conclusions, and next steps are valid.
  • li_ico Responsible for products meeting validation test criteria.
  • li_ico Responsible for DFM of complete products, coordinating activities with manufacturing engineers and vendors.
  • li_ico Responsible for product cost meeting plans.
  • li_ico Evaluate part inspection data and determine the acceptability of non-conformances, providing feedback to suppliers.
  • li_ico Develop and manage Intellectual Property through patent searches, patent applications, and trade studies.
  • li_ico Provide technical assistance to other departments within Sig Sauer as needed.
  • li_ico Consistently follow safe firearm handling practices.
  • li_ico Follow all range safety procedures when in any of the range areas.
  • li_ico Lead the continuous improvement of technical information, analytical methods, design practices, and other R&D activities.
  • li_ico Lead and sustain 5S activities.
  • li_ico Must follow all required Safety and ISO procedures.
  • li_ico Must be able to travel infrequently.
  • li_ico Miscellaneous duties as assigned.

Desired Skills

  • li_ico Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering.
  • li_ico 12 or more years engineering experience working in a R&D environment.
  • li_ico Must be proficient using CAD software to create parametric solid models and associated drawings (SolidWorks highly preferred).
  • li_ico Must be experienced using a PLM system for complete product lines (Agile preferred).
  • li_ico Must be capable of performing highly complex analyses such as FEA, kinematic and dynamic motion, CFD, and/or heat transfer.
  • li_ico Must be able to generate clear, fully dimensioned, ASME Y14.5 compliant drawings of complex parts using logical datum structures and functional dimensioning schemes.
  • li_ico Must be familiar with GD&T symbology and standard inspection methods.
  • li_ico Must be capable of completing complex tolerance stack analyses using software.
  • li_ico Must have a fundamental understanding of manufacturing methods including machining, metal injection molding, plastic injection molding, stamping/fine blanking, extrusion, forging, and casting as well as knowledge in material selection, heat treatment and coatings.
  • li_ico Must have practical experience with mechanical assembly.
  • li_ico Must be able to pro-actively define and resolve highly complex problems by collecting and analyzing data, establishing facts, drawing valid conclusions, and executing viable solutions.
  • li_ico Must be able to convey ideas and information clearly, concisely, and accurately to others, both verbally and in written form.
  • li_ico Must be proficient using Microsoft Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.
  • li_ico Proficiency using Microsoft Project is preferred.
  • li_ico Familiarity with ITAR, ATF and EAR regulations is preferred.
  • li_ico Experience using and maintaining firearms and/or related products is preferred.
  • li_ico An equivalent combination of education and experience may be considered.

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